Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service !!!

In my pursuit to visit natural wonderlands of United States of America, I have been fortunate enough to visit 25 National Parks and preserves in the past 10 years and amongst which some of them were multiple visits and some even touching double digits.

As I moved across different states, sometime for jobs I made it a point to visit nearby national parks. Sometimes, some of these parks me go so crazy, I use to fly, drive several hours to reach the location or once I even did a cross country drive from San Francisco to Maine covering multiple National Parks on the way from Yosemite in California to Acadia in Maine.

The night sky was one of the major attraction for me who was born and brought up in a City. I was fascinated by the number of stars that we could see with our naked eye. And as a photographer I got thrilled to capture them as well.

As we are celebrating National Park Services Centennial today on the 25th of August 2016, I wanted to relive my National Park Experience in this presentation of the below National Parks I had visited over the period of 8 years. Here is a collection of Photographs which I have carefully selected from my archives of all the 25 National Parks I have visited and which I feel portrays the National Parks feel to be there and enjoy and cherish it.

As a nature photographer, I take pride in capturing the beauty of varied landscapes in some magical lighting conditions. National Parks provide me the opportunity to enjoy and capture the moment at the same time. Running National Parks is not a simple thing and I believe the National Park Service which does a great job 24×7 365 days deserves an applause in what they do. Starting from providing a conducive environment to the public to visit and enjoy the place, they managing rescue operations day in and out providing safety to public. They conserve nature and wildlife and as well create awareness amongst the visitors on how to conserve and not pollute the preserved parks and its wildlife.

Keep Wildlife Wild and Nature a natural pristine untouched place for the generations to come. I am thanking NPS and hearty wishes to them for achieving this milestone. Happy 100th Birthday National Park Services.