Patterns of Earth

Here is a collection of Aerial photographs of Earth seen from above when flying over from earths central latitude to its poles.
The experience of flying over varied landscape and vegetation has provided me immense pleasure in capturing the different patterns that I could find from above. The photographs consist of both photographs taken from passenger flights and recent popular technologies using Small UAVs.
The evergreens and tropical blue waters were a bliss in the tropics whereas as moving up I ended up seeing high deserts and rugged mountain peak. After moving further up north, the magical arctic exposes its beautiful rocky snow capped mountains with icy landscapes and even some beautiful auroras over frozen oceans.
Hope you like and cherish this collection of photographs to celebrate the diverse landscapes of our one and only blue planet!
    Maldivian Reefs
    Maldivian Atolls
Tropical Coconut Tree Forest Kerala India
Saudi Arabian Landscape
Deserts of Iran
Dry River Beds of Middle East
Golestan Mountains

    Turkmenistan Oasis
Frozen Winter Pattern, Kazhakhstan

    Russian Sunset
California Coast

    High Country Winter, California
Canadian Frozen Confluence
Magical sunrise over Canadian Rockies

    Patterns of Arctic Icebergs
Sunrise over the Arctic Ocean

Polar Auroras