Exploring the Night – A Real Time Short Film of Dark Skies

“Exploring the Night” is a short film capturing the beautiful dark skies of the California Coast in realtime. A realtime video of the night sky is going to be the upcoming trend with the camera technologies breaking ground in creating some stunning fast wide angle lenses, and reasonably priced mirrorless bodies capable of going up to 400k ISO with reasonable quality.

This is a compilation of realtime video of Milkyway captured to emphasize the beauty of the dark skies in the coastal California from a photographer’s life chasing the Milky Way and how it is important to get them back for our future generation to cherish and enjoy.

It also to showcases the technological advancements with the camera and lenses which has helped me put together this video.

The short film concentrates on audio visual which portrays the night is lively and equally beautiful to witness in realtime moving away from long exposure photography and time-lapse techniques to capture the videos of night sky. This has enabled me to capture some intricate details on the dynamic surfs and some subtle dances of the wildflowers and coastal plants with the breeze. I was lucky to capture a strange light moving across a frame which supposedly could be a lighting bug (fire fly).

This is my first step to much more and much better quality night sky videos with wildlife captured in the dynamic coast of California. This was shot with the combo of Sony’s A7s and the beautiful Sigma 20mm F1.4 lens with a metabones adapter and believe with the coming technological advancements its going to be even more intriguing.