Celebrating Dark Sky Week

International Dark Sky Week is an annual event which is celebrated to create awareness about conservation of dark skies around the world. With more artificial bright LED lights at night we are slowly starting to lose stars from our lives. As an avid Dark Sky Seeker who was born and brought up in a heavy light polluted city, I was stunned to see billions of stars so bright shining with our Galaxy Milky Way.

Darks skies not just is beautiful to watch with the naked eye but the benefits of it are a lot. With control of light pollution, we can achieve energy conservation, and also saves wild life which are detracted by bright night lights of the cities and towns.

Not just that, but with recent studies, it also shows it affects humans health and we are definitely at a loss but losing the stars from our life.

I would like to showcase thru this photo series some of the dark sky areas in the US which can provide you with a great solitude to enjoy the night with billions of stars and hundred of shooting stars. Hope you like this series and Happy Dark Sky Week. Wish you all clear skies to enjoy the stars and as well as some shooting stars of Lyrids meteor shower.