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Shreenivasan Manievannan

Nature lover and a destination photographer who likes to appreciate nature through the eyes of camera. An ardent traveler who loves to explore new places and document them through the means of photographs.

Nature’s various forms has been worshipped in most parts of the world. Nature interacts every moment of ones life, knowingly or unknowingly getting benefitted or affected by it from the moment one is born till death.

I take this opportunity to present to the viewers through my sets of photographs, share the experiences I have had when I was with mother nature – captured and exhibited in various forms: water, land, air, planets, sun, moon, stars, flaura, fauna, and not to forget human beings and their manmade structures that are encompassed to be a part of nature.

Hope you enjoy the clix.. Your comments and suggestions are most welcome!!

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silver trophy
  • Light Pollution Photography and Videography Contest – South Korea (2016)
  • FeTNA Photo Contest (2015)
  • Oregon Coast Film Festival (2015)
  • Light Pollution Photography and Videography Contest – South Korea (2014)
  • TWAN International Night Sky Photo contest (2014)
  • Sony World Photography Awards (2014)
  • India Kliks International Photography competition, sponsored by Canon India (2013)


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About Me

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About Me


Foster City, California